03/2009 LA REPRISE

The choice of kom.post to come back today in the space of the “Gallery”, of this available white box used for exhibition, may appear quite paradoxical. How can you exhibit a process, think about its formalization without stopping it and loosing his specificity of mouvement? In fact these essential questions appear at the right moment for kom.post because they offer to each of its participant a necessary time of active observation and process of collection of the very different materials already produced.
From the inside, the main question becomes: What is our movement? Our dynamism and energy of research that may stay visible in the things (objects and forms) we already produced and that can be perceived by a third eye through an objective presentation?

La reprise/Transformation – The exchange and sharing of knowledges.

Kom.post wants to inhabit the gallery by the different forms produced by his characteristic behavior observed in the different sessions: to take something from the real, the “already given” (by a landscape, a context or by an other artist of the group….) to treat it in a different way, in a different media, through an other singularity that can create, by the way, a transformation and a new activity for this initial object. The gallery will become the space to let this “second life”, this treated life, develop itself, transform itself, according to the energy of the process so important in kom.post.
The living charge of this game of “same and differences” will also been shared with the audience by different “rendez-vous” around this notion of “exchanges of knowledges”: morning lessons and work shop, invitation of specialists working on the same fields as kom.post does but in a very different ways (the genealogy seen by a psychoanalyst or by a nurse, the compost seen by gardener, Europe seen by a politician…)…